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2018 USA Karate Nationals – Reno, Nevada

Okinawa Team just got back from US Karate Nationals and Team Trials that took place in Reno, NV.

The highest caliber competition in the United States, where karatekas from across the country competed for the National title and the strongest athletes fought for the spot on Junior and Senior National Team.

Okinawa Dojo by KarateBros was represented by 6 athletes, their families and 1 coach Sensei Vitaly Padalka.

Eduard Sagilyan won “Super Third” ?in 14-15 Elite Kumite Division -70 kg – it means that he made the US Team pool and he is the reserve for Pan American Championship that will take place in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in August. ?

Alan Ulyanovskiy fought awesome and narrowly missed a chance to beat the gold medalist, ended up winning ?in 8 yrs old Novice Division out of 16 strong kids. #ProudStepDadSensei ??

Martin Gissa fought like a lion today in 14-15 Elite Kumite Division -52 kg , considering his recent bad ankle injury… plus knee trauma in the last match – narrowly missed his chance to win bronze #TrueWarriorSpirit ?

Danik Skhisov surprised us all with his fearless debut in 12-13 Elite Kumite Division – in the first match he fought the strongest kid in his bracket who dominated this division. Danik also worked hard in the repechage but didn’t medal ??

Maria Gladkih who competed in Elite Division for the first time being the youngest competitor (she is still 11 yrs) in highest caliber 12-13 yrs old female athletes. Lost 3:3 by Senchu ??

Shawn Karpiak won two Gold Medals in 14-15 Novice Kata and Kumite Divisions – very strong result!

We are so proud of all of you!
You all warriors and and most important you are great people – respectful, humble, fearless and hardworking athletes.
What a journey we have together!
We believe in every one of you and it is sure that you all have a bright and successful future!












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