VIDEO - Okinawa Karate | Denver Shotokan Karate | Kids Martial Arts


5th FSKA Colorado Funakoshi Cup

Private Class with Vanya and Danil - Okinawa Dojo by KarateBros

4 men push ups

Okinawa Dojo is moving

Summer Karate Camp at Okinawa Dojo by KarateBros. We love karate!

First training at the new Dojo location

1 Day of USA Karate Nationals - fun with Okinawa Team after competition!

Elite Karate Training Camp at Okinawa Dojo

Celebration picnic with #DreamTeamOkinawa

OLYMPIC DREAM by Okinawa Dojo

Bassai Dai Kata on top of Chief Mountain near Idaho Springs

TeamTraining #DreamTeamOkinawa

Every day training and first time Kumite - kids 4, 5, 6 and 7 yrs old - Okinawa Dojo by KarateBros

Chevron Test at Okinawa Dojo by KarateBros - September 2018

Gear Up challenge

PEPSI CENTER - Okinawa Dojo Karate performance - Denver Nuggets vs Chicago Bulls

Danil - Heian Shodan (blindfolded)

Karate on the top of Manitou Incline. Kata Unsu.

Karate On The Rocks

Little Ninjas at Okinawa Dojo by KarateBros

Robert Yegikyan back flipps followed by karate attacks

Summer Karate Camp at Okinawa Dojo by KarateBros

Heian Shodan by Shiv Amin and Luke Holm

TRAVEL!!! before you run out of time

Pre Karate training at Okinawa Dojo. Amazing Karate Kids!

2018 Summer Karate Camp at Okinawa Dojo by KarateBros DAY 1

Karate everywhere!

Halloween Party at Okinawa Dojo by Karate Bros in Denver, CO

Merry Christmas from Okinawa Dojo by KarateBros

Summer Karate Camp for kids at Okinawa Dojo in Denver, Colorado

US Open and Junior International Cup 2017

Final Yudansha Training at Okinawa Dojo original location

Karate in the dark

Empi Kata practice

First Belt Test for Yvan, 7 years old - Shotokan Karate

Gankaku by Maria Gladkih - Okinawa Dojo by KarateBros

Armenian Backflip - Okinawa Dojo students challenge you

Okinawaaaaa!!! Team Spirit! Road to Nationals

Private class with Evan. Okinawa Dojo by KarateBros

Chevron test 2016