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Kids Conditioning Class at Okinawa Dojo

PART 3 - VIDEO: Karate Masters Seminar - KarateBros: Vitaly and Alex Padalka

2019 year in review Okinawa Dojo Competition Team #DreamTeamOkinawa

Road to Nationals with #DreamTeamOkinawa

First Belt Test for Yvan, 7 years old - Shotokan Karate

Lesson 4 - Intermediate & Advance level

USA Karate Nationals & Team Trials 2019 - Okinawa Team

Pre-Karate - online video karate tutorial - Lesson 1

Okinawa Picnic Celebration

Sergei Burlakov - para-karate athlete from Russia will be in Denver, CO on July 27th, 2019

Kids Conditioning Class - HIIT

"Karate on quarantine" - Okinawa Dojo by Karate Bros (SHORT FILM)

Sergei Burlakov - 4x amputee karate athlete. Karate Masters Seminar 2019, Denver, CO - 9NEWS TV

FOX3/Channel2 featured Denver karateka Martin Gissa and Maria Gladkih - USA National Jr Team members

Vitaly Padalka - 35 years old - Kanku Sho Kata (Kaizen International Virtual Karate Championships)

Kids Conditioning at Okinawa Dojo by Karate Bros

Road to US Karate Nationals - keep grinding!

Beginners Level - online video karate tutorial - Lesson 1

USA Open and JIC 2018 - Okinawa Dojo Competition Team

Our 8 years old student Simón has got some talent in the movie making! So cool.

Alan Ulyanovskiy - Road To US Karate Nationals

Okinawa Karate Dojo performance at Pepsi Center - Denver Nuggets vs. Chicago Bulls

Elite Training Camp at Okinawa Karate Dojo

Vegas fortnite dance by the pool at Paris Hotel and Casino

Lesson 2 - Cardio warm up. Mae Geri front kick. Reaction drills. All levels.

PART 1 - VIDEO: Karate Masters Seminar - Sergei Burlakov (Para-Karate)

Lesson 4 - Beginners and Pre-Karate level. Class with Lucas Padalka

Karate Masters Seminar - Denver, Colorado

Colorado State Karate Championship - Eagle, CO

Lesson 2: Heian Yondan + Conditioning + Mae Geri + Reaction Drill

Alan Ulyanovskiy - 10 years old - Kanku Sho Kata (Kaizen International Virtual Karate Championships)

Dan Testing (Black Belt) FSKA, Denver, Colorado

Masha and Martin - USA Jr. Karate Team Members

Eduard Sagilyan - 16 years old - Unsu (Kaizen International Virtual Karate Championships)

Intermediate/Advance - online video karate tutorial - Lesson 1

PART 2 - VIDEO: Karate Masters Seminar - Shihan Kevin Funakoshi

Lesson 3 - TP Challenge Workout (All levels/All ages)

Gankaku by Sensei Alexandr Padalka

Lesson 2 - Advanced: Empi Kata,

Oybek Lapasov - 14 years old - Gojushiho Sho (Kaizen International Virtual Karate Championships)