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Belt Test and Chevron Test at Okinawa Dojo

Another successful Belt and Chevron promotion was held at Okinawa Dojo on January 16th , 2016.

47 students demonstrated strong karate spirit and progress in their techniques, speed and power in front of the black belts examination board. Everyone successfully passed their Belt Test.

Also 13 little ninjas tested for their Chevron Karate level earlier on the same day. All that hard work at the Dojo showed on the day of the test. It was pleasure to witness these little warriors do their best at punching, kicking and screaming “Kiai”.

Congratulations to all on reaching another milestone of your karate journey!
Train hard and remember – karate is not only kick, punch, block, karate is way more then that – it is a lifetime journey full of lessons, challenges, joy and great people on the way!


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