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Friendship cup 2017 by Colorado Budokan

Congratulations to #DreamTeamOkinawa who competed at the Friendship Cup 2017 on Saturday, February 18th . You all are amazing! #Unstoppable

Okinawa Dojo students demonstrated strong karate spirit, excellent techniques, respect, team support and love for the martial art!
Special thanks to all coaches and assistants for providing exceptional support to our team members! Thanks to families and friends for you continuous involvement! thanks to our media/photography team! Thank you to Colorado Budokan Senseis Isao Gary Tsutsui and Candice Tsutsui, Dojo members and volunteers for hosting and running this great event smoothly!
Thank you to all judges and referees for your hard work and fare judging! Thank you to all athletes who participated and made this competition exciting! Thank you to our Sensei John Bolosan and Sensei Tony Maccioli for always being there for us!

Sensei Alex Okinawa
Sensei Vitaly Okinawa

Eduard Sagilyan
Robert Yegikyan
Dan Meshkov
Martin Gissa
Milla Khodjaev
Sofiya Kokhnovich
Axyl Mrlordtoasty Shores
Ivan De Leon
..sorry if we forgot to mention someone

Arturo Fuentes
Miguel Acosta Rascon

Mila Mila


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