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denver nuggets cavaliers game 2014

36 young karatekas from #DreamTeamOkinawa had a blast performing a karate demo at the Pepsi Center prior to the Denver Nuggets vs. Cleveland Cavaliers game on November 7th, 2014.

Six minutes of karate show was demonstrated in front of thousands of basketball fans. Boards breaking,  kata and stand-up fights were broadcasted live on one of the biggest screens in the World.

Also Okinawa Team was excited to meet in person with one of the Denver Nuggets players number “25” Timofey Mozgov. It was very nice of him to spend a moment with our students prior such a big game. He signed autographs, took pictures, shook hands and talked to our team.

KarateBros and Okinawa Dojo was rooting out loud for Timofey and Denver Nuggets, and our basketball team did put on a great game!

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