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Rocky Mountain International Championship at the Monarch High School

Rocky Mountain Championship 2014

On May 3rd-4th beautiful town Louisville, CO hosted 19th Rocky Mountain International Championship at the Monarch High School. This open international tournament is one of the most exciting and valuable traditional tournaments in USA. Our #DreamTeamOkinawa had a chance to attend this high level competition not traveling anywhere far from home.

Athletes of all ages and skill level competed at this event. Total number of competitors exceeded 400. Our team has been represented by 21 athletes, 5 coaches, a judge, a photographer, a videographer and of course our laud and inspiring support team.

The warrior spirit was in the air! At first all the youngest karatekas got to demonstrate their techniques. Okinawa team was on top of it from the firsts bouts of the tournament. For 4 of our Denver athletes it was the first competition experience and all 4 of them showed their best and ended up on the podium!

The rest of the team including Sensei demonstrated outstanding performance and delivered great results. Happy faces, shiny trophies, team spirit – all that made an amazing experience of the tournament for everyone! Now Okinawa Team is getting ready for Nationals that will take place in Reno, Nevada in the middle of the summer. By the way, talking about the summer, kids and parents are getting excited about “Gashuku 2014” – a unique opportunity for kids and families to spend unforgettable time together at the Summer Karate Camp organized by KarateBros.

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Lesson 4 - Intermediate & Advance level