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Sponsor Request

Become a Okinawa Dojo Sponsor

The 2016 team is comprised of 100 children and adults.

The sport of Karate is being considered for entry into the 2024 Olympic Games and The USA-NKF National Karate Championship is a sanctioned event by the only governing body linked directly to the U.S. Olympic Committee. Please kindly consider becoming a proud sponsor of the Okinawa Dojo Dreamteam Karate Team.

It can cost  thousand dollars for the young athletes and coaches to travel and participate in the US Karate Championships. Your support will help the team and the coaches travel and participate in every National and International Competitions.

Thank you for your support!


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Lesson 4 - Intermediate & Advance level

"Karate on quarantine" - Okinawa Dojo by Karate Bros (SHORT FILM)

Beginners Level - online video karate tutorial - Lesson 1

Lesson 2: Heian Yondan + Conditioning + Mae Geri + Reaction Drill

Lesson 2 - Advanced: Empi Kata,